All-Electric Hongqi E-HS9 will be available in Saudi Market in 2nd half of 2022

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All-Electric Hongqi E-HS9 will be available in Saudi Market in 2nd half of 2022

Arabian Drive - Hongqi E-HS9 , an all-electric luxury car, attracted the attention of visitors to Riyadh Autoville Festival which was recently held in Riyadh at Dirab Motor Park from 8 to 14 January 2022. At the pavilion of Universal Premium Motor Agencies (ALTAWKILAT Premium), the official distributor of Hongqi in Saudi Arabia, the future Hongqi E-HS9 made its public debut.

Hongqi E-HS9 is an electrified luxury flagship with new and innovated features that reflects the genuine strategy of this long-rooted Chinese company. It is one of the most prominent versions of electrified cars being exhibited in the show.

Hongqi E-HS9, which attracted audience at the festival, is a large electrified SUV With excellent features on the interior and advanced driver’s assistance technology, in addition to its impressive exterior design of Crossover models. It is also one of the new vehicles with intelligent all-wheel drive system that marks a leap-forward transition in the future of technology.

Hongqi’s pavilion at the festival also comprised H9 and H5, luxury sedan cars that made strong presence in our markets, in addition to Hongqi HS7 and Hongqi HS5 which represent a remarkable breakthrough in luxury SUV models.

 On this occasion, Director of Hongqi at Universal Premium Motors Agencies Fathy Allam said “We are so pleased to take part in this important event in which we displayed Hongqi E-SH9, the all-electric luxury car that would contribute to reshaping the future of luxury and marks a great and remarkable addition to luxury electric vehicles market in Saudi Arabia”.

Allam emphasized that Hongqi’s participation in the show was to enhance the great success Hongqi cars have gained in the Saudi market, to fulfill the desire of the company’s clients, and to meet the growing demand for Hongqi cars. As a result, the company has been keen to introduce all Hongqi models in this show, in addition to the Chinese presidential L5 car, he added.

Allam went on to say “We reaffirm our commitment to introduce the latest and best products with advanced technology and great luxury. We will also continue our commitment to provide our clients with the best services that meet their expectations so as to build sustainable relationship that maintain their trust which is an essential part of our success and a motive to provide more and better services”.

Allam also emphasized that, due to the great demand for Hongqi E-HS9 luxury electrified SUV, ALTAWKILAT Premium has been keen to keep Hongqi’s all-electric SUV the first luxury car to be exhibited in Riyadh Autoville Festival where a number of enthusiastic clients expected that Hongqi E-HS9 would be the best-selling electrified luxury car in the years to come, while the arrival of Hongqi E-SH9 in the Saudi market is expected to be a great challenge for electrified luxury cars.

Equipped with a pair of all-electric engines, Hongqi E-SH9 is powered by an all-electric drive system. The first engine is able to pump out 215 hp and a 350 N.m of torque peak for the front axle, while the second engine is able to churn out 295 hp and a 420 N.m of torque peak for the rear axle. The two engines combined pump out 510 hp and 770 N.m of torque peak. Both engines are charged by a 92.4- Kilowatt-hour battery.

Concluding his remarks, Allam lauded the great efforts exerted by the relevant authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represented by Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Electricity, Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing , and Saudi Standards Organization (SASO) to make infrastructure ready for electric vehicles and to take the necessary measures to establish charging points for electric vehicles to achieve the key goals of Vision 2030 with regard to the expansion in utilizing the renewable energy in line with the global move toward using clean energy sources instead of fuels to reduce carbon dioxide emission and air pollution , as well as maintaining the environment and improving public health and people’s living conditions.

 Hongqi is the giant of luxury automobile industry in China which dates back to 1953. Earlier, Hongqi luxury vehicles were exclusively used by top officials in China and VIPs around the world. However, by virtue of Hongi’s new strategy, the company expanded its output by producing large commercial quantities of this type of cars which contributed to the spread of these luxury cars, with Hongqi’s sales jumping from 5000 cars in 2017 to 200,000 cars in 2020.

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