Tawuniya Launches a Brand New “Investor Relations” Webpage

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Tawuniya Launches a Brand New “Investor Relations” Webpage

Arabian Drive - The Company for Cooperative Insurance “Tawuniya”, in collaboration with Euroland© launched a new webpage serving investor relations in order to strengthen the company's engagement with investors, in addition to raising awareness about the company’s activities in the Saudi Stock Exchange market “Tadawul”. The new IR webpage includes several new and enhanced tools and reports that add significant insights to the Company’s shareholders, analysts, and executives following its financial performance and share price. It is designed to give a more mobile-friendly experience allowing users to easily navigate through the company information and valuable data and event calendar in a fully interactive and data-rich environment.

The new IR webpage is structured to provide easy access to key facts and figures, financial performance information, share information, earnings calls and material, dividends information, company announcements, analyst coverage, and financial calendar.

Users of the new webpage will be able to utilize the key value-adding features and tools including financial information with interactive performance charts, webcasts, and key figures. The page also features an immersive stock chart that provides an interactive experience for investors allowing them to access key data and comparative analysis to market indices and industry peers.

In addition, the new webpage provides investment return information, dividend history, dividend calculator, analysts coverage, contact information, recommendations and consensus estimates, as well as, direct and easy access to all company press releases and announcements linked with Tadawul.

In his response to the development, Tawuniya’s Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Ammr Kurdi said: "Tawuniya strives to provide the greatest digital services to its consumers and shareholders, in line with the principle of transparency. Our intent is to increase shareholders access to useful information and enhance information transparency, attract local and international investors, and improve performance, all in keeping with the Kingdom's vision to grow the insurance sector”.

Dr. Kurdi added that “amongst the new features the webpage contains is a subscription center, where subscribers will receive email alerts to key events including the quarterly earnings webcasts and AGM notifications, and publications, such as, annual reports and quarterly results, and share price alerts”.

It is noteworthy that Tawuniya is the pioneering company in the Saudi insurance sector. It was established in 1986 as the first licensed insurance company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide all types of insurance business. The company's authorized, issued and paid-up capital is SR 1.25 billion and consists of 125 million shares, and the General Organization for Social Insurance owns 25.86% of its total capital.

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