about us

Arabian Drive is an Arabic media group founded in 2008 by automotive expert Hasan Kutbi.

The Arabian Drive Group has embarked on the automotive world through its Arabic channel on the most popular cars in the field of automotive and transportation vehicles, with a career-driven track and achievements for more than 20 years in the coverage and consumer awareness of automotive news and technology. Everything that is new in the world of motors objectively and professionally. The Arabian Drive Group changed the way Arabs look at the world of cars, and was honored to receive many awards, and recognition of the award of the best media car for two years in a row.

Today, Arabian Drive Group continues its efforts to expand the horizons of automotive media in the region to serve a growing global audience. Our aim is to raise the media content of cars in the Arab world to new and brilliant levels, whether visual or written in the media value system and providing quality content that is characterized by high ethics and high quality. This is our established goal and our vision & ambition.