JMC trucks shine at Jeddah International Building Exhibition

- after their dealer Aljabr Trading Company participation in the exhibition with three categories of trucks specialized in light transport 

Arabian Drive - Visitors to the second edition of the Jeddah International Building Exhibition, held from May 7-9 at the Jeddah International Convention and Exhibition Center, were introduced to JMC light-duty trucks through the pavilion of their dealer in the Kingdom, Aljabr Trading Company. JMC trucks are the most reliable partner for companies and individuals working in the construction sector due to their efficiency and ability to meet all work needs under all conditions, even the most difficult.

The pavilion featured three diverse categories of JMC vehicles: the Grand Avenue SUV, the Vegas single-cab and double-cab, and the double-cab tipper. A specialized team from the company worked to answer all visitors' inquiries about JMC vehicles in terms of their performance, specifications and additional services provided by the company to prepare the vehicles to suit various usage needs.

 Regarding participation in the exhibition, Mr. Abdulsalam Aljabr, member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Aljabr Trading Company, explained that the participation of JMC trucks in the exhibition comes due to the importance of this event, which brings together all the influential parties in the construction and contracting sector, including, of course, the transport sector, which we represent through JMC vehicles, which have the capabilities to meet all the requirements of this sector through the equipment that the company provides based on customer demand with high quality compatible with the engineering, mechanical and electrical framework of the trucks that all these aspects were taken into account when they were manufactured. He added saying: "JMC trucks returned to the Saudi market at the end of 2022 through Aljabr Trading Company. We are working to provide these distinctive and powerful trucks in the best possible way by highlighting their capabilities and providing them with an integrated infrastructure, including equipping them with all customer requirements that suit the purpose of use. We also provide after-sales services at maintenance centers and spare parts outlets." 

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